Mum to the Core is all about YOU mama.

I help you regain confidence in your body post baby.

No more embarrassing leaks, niggling low back pain, shoulder tightness, and you can kiss diastasis recti goodbye for good.

This special combination of Pilates, Yoga and a subtle technique of abdominal reconstruction is all it takes.

This Mama Coach is all about loving transformation.

Welcome. We look forward to taking you on this restorative journey.

Alongside my popular 6 week online program, I’ve taught thousands of classes, workshops and instructor trained and presented with Absolute Pilates, as well as specific mama events with MOMM – Mind Over Matter Mums and Yoga Sanctuary.
  Sonnet shares her experience with the online program...
2cm Diastasis Recti gap closure in just 2 weeks!
"First of all thank you for being a part of your program and for your support during this 'journey'.
When I started this program I knew and believed that I would get great results.
I have to admit that after the 4th week my dedication decreased from exercising 4-5 days a week to only 2-3 days a week:-(and the 6th week I only managed to exercise once! This was due to many reasons (excuses) such as illness, exhaustion, sleepless nights, laziness too, etc....the list goes on...
However I still managed to get very good results though. To provide you with the facts:
1. My DR at the beginning of this program was 3.5 cm and now I am down to 1.5 cm (woohoo)
2. I lost 2 kg but I also walk on a daily basis (with the splint of course) for 1-2 hrs and have a healthy diet;-)
So the conclusion is:
Your 6 wks program + wearing the splint daily = great results/happy mummy ready for the summer holiday overseas:-)))
Thank you again and I wish you lots of happy clients!!" - Katarina O'Connor

Step #1: Awareness & understanding 
To recover properly from giving birth, you first need to raise your awareness and understanding of how pregnancy and birth affects the body, and why it is vital you take a strategic, specific approach to core recovery. Sit ups will not cut it. In fact, they will hinder your progress. 
Step #2: Specific exercise program
The Mum to the Core 6 week program is unique, targeted and focused. This program has helped many women effectively minimise and even eliminate pelvic dysfunction and core strength and stability issues commonly experienced during postnatal recovery.
Step #3: Commitment & support
As with any program, this will only work if you work it! Our detailed FAQ section will answer 95% of your questions and our closed Facebook group is a powerful way to connect with like-minded mums and Simone. A one-to-one Skype video session with Simone is also included.
What You Must Know If You Want To Heal Your Body After Birth
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 What People Are Saying:
"...I'm on the mend well and truly"
“Thank you for giving me the feeling back in my mid-section. I thought it would never happen. I found the program, guidance, and the attention to detail is what really sets this program apart. It’s in the delivery and instruction. I am on the mend, well and truly. My waist is slimmer too.” 
Angela, Auckland, NZ
"... have lost 3kg + 4cm off my waist"
“I just wanted to say I’ve been enjoying your program for a few weeks now and have lost 3kg + 4cm off my waist. The exercises aren’t even that hard and don’t take much time at all. Thanks for all the help!” 
Teresa Ching, Dunedin, NZ
"... a program I could follow "
"Simone measured my progress, gave me functional exercises and a program I could follow at home. She has a very pleasant disposition and training style. I have benefited from the program Simone designed that complements other treatment I am having from a physiotherapist.” 
Robin Prowse, Sydney, Australia
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